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Gorilla Grow Tent 9 x 9 (274cm x 274cm x 213cm – 244cm)


Space is a hot commodity for indoor growers. If you’re not making the most of it, your crops will be craps, and your yields table will be as empty as your grow space! We decided to come forward and fix that. The Gorilla Grow Tent 9×9 was specially engineered to maximize every inch of your cultivation station even if you’re only working with a single shelf!

Our grow tents were designed by old-school growers who learned and applied the new tricks of modern medicinal and munchable cultivation to get your crops to peak health and vitality for years to come!

The Gorilla Grow Tent 9×9 is a 10/10 because it’s beautifully botany biased, inside and out.  Here’s how we do it. The 9×9 rocks in the free world with:

Great Skin

Who says it’s what’s on the inside that counts? The skins of our tents protecting your plants and fungi from outside pathogens, regulating temperature and humidity, and keeping your light schedule uncompromised are a big deal! At 1680 D, it’s the thickest fabric on the market, which takes the bite out of bumps and tool scrapes, while promoting perfect homeostasis! But there’s another purpose behind the tasteful thickness of it. While other, thinner tent coverings will sag over time, our fabric fits taut for generations of growers, keeping the integrity inside!

Good Bones

Being big boned was never a bad thing! And with the Gorilla Grow Tent 9×9, you’re looking at a grow space that’s just as sturdy as it is sexy. Powder coated steel resists rust for lasting structural integrity, an interlocking frame stays more secure than any cheap ‘jointed’ assemblies, and a 19mm diameter keeps your tent standing taller and stronger for longer! While you’re growing, it keeps going!

And if you ever need to raise the roof? You’ve got your choice of an included 1′ extension or add-on 2′ extension–both of which take your ceiling up a notch without compromising on the steel construction or the tent fabric! How’s that for reaching new heights?

The Little Things

Small, yet meaningful gestures make up the glue of any relationship. Always allowing lighters to be ‘stolen’, a ‘just because’ gift of seed packets…or in the case of our Gorilla Grow Tent 9×9, the bonus features built into each unit!

We thought of extras like IR resistant ceilings, deep flood pan flooring, light blocking zipper covers, and even a little tool pouch on the inside for your trimmers, tweezers, and loupes!

Ready to trust your crops with a tent made from NorCal ingenuity and care for independent growers? Don’t wait til later, cultivator–get your gear now!


Dimensions 9’x9’x6’11”
Height w/ Extension Kit 7’11”
Height w/ 2 ft. Extension Kit 8’11”
Weight 155 lbs.
Canvas Density 1680D
Pole Diameter 22mm
Door Quantity 3
Ducting Port Quantity 14 (11″ Double Cinching)
Electrical Port Quantity 8 (3″)


Unmatched Features!



Tallest Thickgest Strongest

Engineered to withstand the rigors of indoor growing. Every aspect of a Gorilla Grow Tent pain stakingly designed and constructed to last long haul.


Unsurpassed Growing Heights

With one foot extension kit included and two food extension kits available, you will be hard pressed to out grow your Gorilla tent, ensuring your grow can get as high as possible.


All Steel Interlocking Frame

Powder coated steels poles with interlocking pins create super strong frame that can support to 300 lbs* when weight properly distributed.


Thickest 1680D Fabric

Constructed with 1680D thread density fabric (compared to 200D-600D) is up to 9x denser than any other grow tent, making it Ideal for experts and perfect for beginners.


Diamond Reflective Lining

Diamond Reflection Technology, redistributes photons directly at your plants, creating less waste & giving your plants more of what they need to thrive.


Industrial-Grade Zippers

Highest quality zippers to ensure easy access to your grow and long lifespan.


Dual Cinching Ports

Conveniently placed dual cinching duct and electrical ports keep your tent light tight, while providing optimal locations to run cords and ducting.


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