Gorilla Grow Tent 2 x 2.5


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Gorilla Grow Tent 2 x 2.5

Some of our grow tents could house a sauna, some a couple seminars worth of plant educators. The Gorilla Grow Tent 2×2.5 isn’t one of them. But great things grow in small tents! If you’re cultivating on a smaller scale, growing lean and clean with a single plant, or a small amount of mushrooms, we’re here for it.  And more importantly the 2×2.5 is here for you. Growing on a bathroom shelf or spare window isn’t going to get you the quality or quantity you deserve. Compact cultivation still needs an ideal environment for the life inside, and for your future harvests!

Industrial Strength Body

Is it possible to grow without getting the bug? Even the most casual brown thumbers can’t help themselves. So why get a ‘one time only’ tent for a life-long calling? For serious cultivators, investing in a tent that won’t quit is just smart gardening. So we built the 2×2.5 to last.The zipper is securely sewn, high quality, and made to last for life with no tripping, sticking, tearing, or catching. Expect an easy open every time from the first through the years ahead! Powder coated steel makes up the bones of all our grow tents, and not even our smallest on offer is an exception! Interlocking cylinders create a strong frame, treated to be totally rust resistant against the high humidity environment inside. Talk about inner strength. The outside’s no slouch either! At 1680 D the fabric of our smallest OG grow tent is the thickest on the market anywhere! This guards against sagging, casual tears from tools or thorns, and protects the highly sensitive environment inside!

Superior Reflective Interiors

Just because the Gorilla Grow Tent 2×2.5 is a room for one doesn’t mean we decided to skimp on the interior. As plants get big and bushy, sometimes they can get in their own ways re lighting. We figured, there’s no reason for the older leaves on the bottom to not get their photosynthesis on while they’re still green and kicking! So we wrapped the interior in high-reflective diamond vinyl that works to curb light waste and reflect photons back out and up to all parts of your grow. The literal diamond patterning isn’t the only thing that shines. The flooring is a leak-resistant drip pan–made to protect your exterior surfaces from the natural drips and dirt inherent in this pastime. All ports for electrical devices and ventilation double cinch to protect your plants from outside interference. And the icing? We even put in a tool pouch to help growers keep things on hand.Are you set to grow small and mighty? Here’s how the Gorilla Grow Tent 2×2.5 fits into those plans.


Dimensions 2’x2.5’x5’11”
Height w/ Extension Kit 6’11”
Height w/ 2 ft. Extension Kit 7’11”
Weight 29 lbs.
Canvas Density 1680D
Pole Diameter 19mm
Door Quantity 1
Ducting Port Quantity 5 (11″ Double Cinching)
Electrical Port Quantity 2 (3″)


Unmatched Features!



Tallest Thickgest Strongest

Engineered to withstand the rigors of indoor growing. Every aspect of a Gorilla Grow Tent pain stakingly designed and constructed to last long haul.


Unsurpassed Growing Heights

With one foot extension kit included and two food extension kits available, you will be hard pressed to out grow your Gorilla tent, ensuring your grow can get as high as possible.


All Steel Interlocking Frame

Powder coated steels poles with interlocking pins create super strong frame that can support to 300 lbs* when weight properly distributed.


Thickest 1680D Fabric

Constructed with 1680D thread density fabric (compared to 200D-600D) is up to 9x denser than any other grow tent, making it Ideal for experts and perfect for beginners.


Diamond Reflective Lining

Diamond Reflection Technology, redistributes photons directly at your plants, creating less waste & giving your plants more of what they need to thrive.


Industrial-Grade Zippers

Highest quality zippers to ensure easy access to your grow and long lifespan.


Dual Cinching Ports

Conveniently placed dual cinching duct and electrical ports keep your tent light tight, while providing optimal locations to run cords and ducting.


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Weight 0.6 kg

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