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Gorilla Grow Tent 4 x 8 (122cm x 245cm x 213cm – 244cm)

Do you have a lot of growing to do…literally? If you’ve been looking to house a ton of trees, racks on racks on racks on racksof mushrooms, or a full sized Japanese rock garden, the Gorilla Grow Tent 10×20 is here to give your bushels of bushes a home where they can thrive!

We packed these grow tents full of foliage-forward features, as well as cultivator convenience components, and you’ll be harvesting in record breaking proportions for years with this unit because:

It’s Supersized

When the Gorilla Grow Tent 10×20 sits around the house, it sits around the house. Our biggest grow tent is a room unto itself, and perfect for grows in garages or botany in basements!

And you have the option to get it even bigger

If you’re growing taller trees, maxing out on fungi shelves, or even installing an indoor gourd trellis–you’ve got the option to add an extra foot, or two, with either of our extension kits! If you’re going to go big, you gotta grow strong!

It’s Super Strong

“The bigger they are the harder they fall”? That’s not how the 10×20 is built. The Gorilla Grow Tent 10×20 is supported by an all-steel, interlocking frame that puts inferior, bendy, aluminum models to shame. And our steel’s not just strong, it’s smart! We integrated a powder coating to make the metal resilient against the highest humidity levels your leafy greens and funky fungi need to thrive! No rust is a must–and we’re smashing that criterion just like you’re killing it in the cultivation game. 

It’s Super Thick

Thin, droopy leaves? Bad. Thin, droopy grow tent canvas? WORSE! Plants can be nourished and coaxed back to full vitality in one of our grow tents, but a grow tent manufactured without care is beyond hope. That’s why the 10×20’s covering  is made of the same 1680 D, black on the outside, diamond-reflective on the inside material that won’t waver as time goes on!

It’s a tight fit for life from the IR blocking ceiling to the industrial-strength zipper assembly, to the drip-pan integrated flooring.

It’s Super Engineered

Be honest–if you wanted to grow minimalist style, you’d be doing things outside. Essential accessories like fans,filters, and ventilation aren’t as optional as the category name implies–and unless your crop of choice is bats, you’ll need a good power source for your grow lights, any hydroponic gear, your intake/output air system, and anything else that needs plugging in.

But we didn’t just punch holes and call it a day. The Gorilla Grow Tent 10×20 is kitted out with six 11” ducting ports, ten 13” ducting ports, and ten electricity ports, all engineered for maintaining perfect homeostasis and a safe environment with cinching on the outside and the inside. 

You can also enter from all along the grow tent with six different doors, all operated with built-to-last industrial zippers! We even threw in a tool pouch built right into the fabric, just for you. It’s the little things in the biggest tent! 

Ready to grow big and grow home?


Dimensions 10’x20’x6’11”
Height w/ Extension Kit 7’11”
Height w/ 2 ft. Extension Kit 8’11”
Weight 308 lbs.
Canvas Density 1680D
Pole Diameter 22mm
Door Quantity 6
Ducting Port Quantity 6 (11″)  10 (13″)
Electrical Port Quantity 10 (3″)


Unmatched Features!



Tallest Thickgest Strongest

Engineered to withstand the rigors of indoor growing. Every aspect of a Gorilla Grow Tent pain stakingly designed and constructed to last long haul.


Unsurpassed Growing Heights

With one foot extension kit included and two food extension kits available, you will be hard pressed to out grow your Gorilla tent, ensuring your grow can get as high as possible.


All Steel Interlocking Frame

Powder coated steels poles with interlocking pins create super strong frame that can support to 300 lbs* when weight properly distributed.


Thickest 1680D Fabric

Constructed with 1680D thread density fabric (compared to 200D-600D) is up to 9x denser than any other grow tent, making it Ideal for experts and perfect for beginners.


Diamond Reflective Lining

Diamond Reflection Technology, redistributes photons directly at your plants, creating less waste & giving your plants more of what they need to thrive.


Industrial-Grade Zippers

Highest quality zippers to ensure easy access to your grow and long lifespan.


Dual Cinching Ports

Conveniently placed dual cinching duct and electrical ports keep your tent light tight, while providing optimal locations to run cords and ducting.


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